We are on a mission to recover the bold spirit traditional researchers and strategists have lost.

The intersection between Research, Strategy & Creativity

We had a PROBLEM, and we FIXED it!

All great products and services fix a problem.  As big RESEARCH USERS, we used to cringe when research findings were presented to us. Data was referred to as “insights” and often times we would leave scratching our heads wondering what could be done with the information.

To mend that, we began an Insight Studio, with a focus on engaging in Insight Hunting and better research. We became researchers and problem solvers that understood problems at a basic human level. Our presentations had an artisan feel, were relatable and left clients viewing problems in a new light. Solution finding became a breeze. 

We grew by incorporating creativity, strategy and collaboration into every project. By bringing in the understanding brands needed to ideate solutions people wanted to buy, we evolved into Brand and Advertising Strategist and Facilitators. 

Today, we are the glue between brands and their consumer and between strategy and execution.

Meet Alexandra Suarez Carlo

Graduated Cornell University and pursued an MBA in Consumer Behavior from ESADE University

She lived in NY, Spain and South Africa and traveled to over 40 countries

She has worked in Consumer Research and Strategic Planning for over 15 years in PR, USA & LATAM

Alexandra uses her creative multicultural background to bring the unconventional thinking, leadership and creativity at the core of successful products, services and brands. 

A strategist at heart

Connecting dots, synthesizing and engaging teams with diverse creative tools is instinctive for her.  No one loves the mental process of problem solving, more than Alexandra. It gives her a chance to exercise both her analytical and creative brains, to touch base with her broad library or random facts and to connect disparate ideas into innovative solutions.

Alexandra’s strategies have won numerous Awards in the advertising world.

She is also currently a Board Member for the Creative Education Foundation, a non-profit committed to providing people the toolset and mindset to increase creativity and a Leader at the Creative Problem Solving Institute in New York.  

She is truly passionate and approaches every project with the desire to change the world.

Therefore, she is always willing to roll up her sleeves to help clients transform ambitions into accomplishments. 

"We help clients understand past behavior, but I love being hired to improve brand performance."